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the Blue Ginger Café How the Blue Ginger Café got it's name

By Kanoa Dupree, Age 14
Lanai Art Center, Third Annual Evening of Art and Story
Saturday March 10, 2007

Long ago, well actually 17 years ago, my grandparents came to Lanai. My grandmother, Georgia Abilay, came to open the Manele Bay Hotel, while my grandfather, Joe Abilay, came to just - well - came along.

Around one o'clock he got hungry and went to look for a bite to eat.

He went to one restaurant- it was closed.

He went to the other restaurant, closed also. But he noticed something – it was for sale. Ever since he worked in the kitchens of others it was his dream to have a kitchen of his own. And now he did. So he bought the place.

He added new recipes for the kitchen like chop steak and stir fries. He added things to the bakery like danish's and turnovers. He bought new equipment. They painted the place. They got everything ready, except one detail. They forgot the name. They were thinking of keeping the old name, Dahangs, but the ex-owner said no. They pondered, and thought - of nothing.

My grandfather's mother came for a short visit to Lanai and upon arriving at the restaurant, noticed a plant, and she pointed out “what lovely blue gingers you have.

My grandparents did not believe they were called blue ginger but later found out that she was right.

'Blue Ginger' - what a lovely name it had, so they went with it. I now cordially invite you, tomorrow, to come to the Blue Ginger Café for a bite to eat.

Kanoa Dupree